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 Boyfriend's Surprise

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Scottie Elisabeth

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PostSubject: Boyfriend's Surprise   Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:43 pm

Story Title: Boyfriend's Surprise
Link to your Story: Hosted on a private forum. Proof: [1][2]
Size: 700x110 pixels
Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic? No, thank you!
Have You Requested This Graphic Before? Nope.
Do You Have Permission to Re-Request It? N/A

Characters to Include: So the cast list is big, I'm sorry! Star/host: Criss Angel. Other main characters: Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Aaron Gillespie, Jared Leto, and Gerard Way.
Other Images You Would Like: This is a "reality TV show" set in Criss Angel's crazy mansion. Nothing specific needed other than the characters.

Quotes to include: Criss kidnapped us again.
Color Preferences: Red is the primary color I care about being included. But whatever suits with red!
Mood of Your Story: Silly. Stupid. It's a nostalgia-induced fanfiction about Criss Angel abducting the musicians listed in the characters above, where Criss is "hosting a game show" in his mansion.
Animation? If so, how? Whatever is needed to fit everyone in! But none specifically required.
Additional Information (size of graphic, etc): Again, this is a silly fanfic. Just whatever feels right with a non-serious feel (except Criss takes the show very seriously while the musicians are just upset to be kidnapped).
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Boyfriend's Surprise
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