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For all of Miriam’s beauty and natural poise, her severity was unmatched. -- Glow
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 Character Review

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PostSubject: Character Review   Character Review I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2017 11:50 pm

1. Collin - Ahh, good ol' Col. Collin is a hardass, but he's so out of control; as much as he wants us to believe he isn't. He's been desensitized to any kind of 'good' emotion. He used to be a trader with a wife he didn't indulge/love/appreciate, but respects/appreciates in retrospect. Sophie was the only 'love' of his life, but he let his keep him distant from her. He has realized that he did need her, despite believing, before her death, that she was somewhat of a burden. He's obvs a tool, and Miriam is his saving grace. I believe Collin will experience some real growth, with Miriam's help. If he doesn't, he'll have to just go and die. Maybe he'll do something sacrificial. Maybe it'll be on Miriam's behalf. Maybe he comes to love her, and comes to find she's better off without him. Who knows? I can't call that. He either is going to have to fulfill her, and thus be fulfilled himself, or he's going to come to a fast demise.

2. Miriam - Besides being one of the many loves of my life, Miriam is the heart and soul of this story. She is why it drives forward. If it were up to Col, we would have given up long ago, because he would have. Miriam is concise yet understanding. She is literally everything Col is not. She hasn't let the reality of their situation break her. She has loved. She has let herself be happy. She has found the fine line you walk when you're stuck in a hard spot, when you're not exactly a stand-up character *cough, cough* demon. I mean, they take people's lifeforce. They're not exactly the best peeps in the book. But Miriam is a light in a very crude, dark world. Without her, there would be no story. I forgot to mention, she's a total knock out. Miriam will survive this story, and if she doesn't, you're terrible.

3. Sophie - Sophie was Collin's girl. She was a lot like Miriam, except, she seemed to be a completley virtuous human being. You'd have to be to love someone like Collin. She was also once a light in Collin's life. That is, until her light went out. She always loved Collin, and he's eaten up with guilt over it. Also, she may be a foreboding sign. Her always seeing this figure, there's something there. Obvs, she's dead, but I see her being that harbinger of bad news. She tried to warn you, Col. She tried.

4. Lily - Love Lily. She was Collin's friend-zoned bro. She wasn't a knock-out, but she cared. She also knew Sophie. I already spoke my mind about her in the Chapter 11 review. Shes Lilailen. I told you. I don't see her being involved in this malicious plot against Collin. I believe her.

5. Henry
- Asshole, that's what I call him now (thanks Lil). Obvs a man afraid of growing old. He's very much a shallow individual. He's shady as fuck. He knows something about this whole plot against Col. I'm not sure what else his motivation could be other than some sort of personal gain. He also seems to be well past hiss prime, so maybe he knew Sophie, since she's old too. But so is Collin. I just get the since he's only as old ass Sophie was. Maybe not. Could be way wrong. He's a jerk. He's a selfish jerk. Nothing more to say. He'll meet his end.

6. Barmaid - Collin banged her brains out and stole most of her life. She may exact some revenge, she may be in on the plot against him. I still think she has something to do with his wallet. If he left it there, she had to see it. She had to be distraught. And goddamn, if she seen it, she could do such bad things.

7. Teen - Shifty eyes on this one. Either hardened by the father's actions and wanting some sort of justice because of it, or a straight up liar. Either way, the teen has to be involved in the plot. HAS TOO! You have to give me more on this. Probably one of the most intriguing plot points since you introduced it. I'm still stuck on it. I remember being very much intrigued by that scene.

8. Stewart - Lowlife imp. Probably a stupid tool, honestly. I don't see an imp being the mastermind, but I could be wrong. Just being an imp might be reason enough Laughing He's a sleeze, and I get that impression from Lily. Especially loved how she mocked the way he signs his name, 'S' when he's just fucking Stewart the imp. Probably someone trying to pretend he's something he's not. Not much of a threat to me right now.

9. Others - Others? What others? Besides the archdemon, I can't think of someone important. Maybe would be interested to know who the teens father was. But def the archdemon. Completely in the dark there. Would love to know more.

And there you go. Hope this helps you.

Love, Bf


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Character Review
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