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 "I'm pretty sure it's Alex."

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Scottie Elisabeth
Scottie Elisabeth

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"I'm pretty sure it's Alex." Empty
PostSubject: "I'm pretty sure it's Alex."   "I'm pretty sure it's Alex." I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2015 11:07 am

"I'm pretty sure it's Alex." VioGUPb

Banner by accio! @tda.

Gerard: Hey, fans. We're just chilling here in...CORNING HIGH!

Mikey: Woo! Woo! *realizes he's alone* Wo--!...ooo...

Gerard: With our best buddy Alex! From Underoath and The Almost!

Worm: Uh... Gee... It's Aaron.

Gerard: No. I'm pretty sure it's Alex.

Aaron: No... It's Aaron.

Gerard: ... You sure?

Aaron: Um... Yeah...

Gerard: *crosses arms* I think it's Alex.

Ray: *Holding a bucket of chicken* I'm not your best friend, Gerard...?

Gerard: Ray, I meant the band's best buddy.

Frank: *Holding up the sponge octopus* You mean Dr. Octo, right?

Bob: Hey, guys! Wanna see my sacred toast?!

Gerard: Fuck off, Bob! Nobody wants to see your ugly blonde ass!

Bob: But... but, Gee... *tears up* I thought you liked my ass...

Gerard: Go away, Bob!

Frank: Hey, Ray... *takes the toast* Hungry?

Ray: Yes!

Bob: NO! *tackles Frank*

Ray: *starts crying* Guys! Gimmie the toast!

Amy: Gerard? Where the hell is Jared?

Gerard: Um... the bedroom.

Amy: Bedroom?

Gerard: He put a bunch of desks together in Patterson's room. That's the new bedroom.

Amy: *walks away* Jared!

Jared: Amy?

Aaron: AARON!

Spencer: Oh God...

Ronnie: Hey, guys!

All: *looks at Ronnie blankly*

Ronnie: What's up?

All: *continue staring*

Ronnie: Um...

Gerard: Go away.

Ronnie: *lowers head* Okay... *leaves*

[Ray, Bob, and Frank go back to wrestling while moans start coming from Room 21. Gerard turns back to the camera smiling.]

Gerard: As I was saying! We're here with our bestest friend Alex, who was kind enough to volunteer to sing for us!

Aaron: I was?

Gerard: Yes. You were.

Aaron: Uh... okay... *sings* If my faults are your song then I will not, be contempt to sing along--

Gerard: Dude!

Aaron: *smiles* It's great, isn't it?

Gerard: No! It sucks! Hard!

Aaron: *tearing up* What...?

Gerard: You suck ass, man.

Aaron: You know what?! *starts crying* You suck--!... ... ... butt!

Spencer: *puts his hands on Aaron's shoulder* Easy, man... Easy...

Gerard: Baby *scoffs*

Spencer: Dood, back off 'em. *crosses arms*

Gerard: You wanna go?

Spee: Yea.

Aaron: *sniffles* Where are you going?

Ger: Stay out of it whiney ass. *shoves Aaron*

Spee: That's it!

[Spee tackles Gerard and Aaron jumps in on the dog pile.]

Jaymi: This is good. *holds up video camera*

Kristina: My husband rulz! *goes to high five Mikey but he refuses* Fuck you *shoves M-way*

Ray: *breaks away from Bob and Frank and shoves Kristina* Leave Mikey the fuck alone, bitch!

Mikey: Aww, Ray... *hugs Ray* Where'd your chicken go?

Ray: *looks around* Hey... I don't know!

Tomo: *hides the bucket behind him* Uh... guys... why don't you to go McDonald's? My treat.

Ray: Ew! I want Pizza Hut!

Mikey: Pasta hut!

Gerard: *while fighting Spencer* Five! Five Dollar! Five Dollar Foot Long!

Mikey: That's Subway, Gee.

Gerard: Oh... okay. *continues fighting*

Mikey: *grabs the camera lens, pushing his face up against it* THIS IS MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE WITH MTV FOR SPRING BREAK!

Tim: *from behind the camera* Uh... Mikey... Spring Break was in March.

Mikey: So?

Tim: It's May 20th.

Mikey: Shut up *whines and runs off crying with hands in the air*

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Clockwork Horrorshow
Clockwork Horrorshow

Female Age : 26
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"I'm pretty sure it's Alex." Empty
PostSubject: Re: "I'm pretty sure it's Alex."   "I'm pretty sure it's Alex." I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2015 12:08 pm

OMG this is soo fucking hilarious. Yes, I remember us writing interviews and they were the best. "I'm pretty sure it's Alex." Funniest thing ever. Poor Aaron, he was always such a nit wit. Has to be Ronnie Winters and I have no fucking clue who Worm was! Gah! how could we forget these things!!!! Amy and Jared in room 21 ;P perfect. I love how they're at our high school. Spring break, go Mikey! Don't matter if it is or not!


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"I'm pretty sure it's Alex."
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