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Scottie Elisabeth
Scottie Elisabeth

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PostSubject: Rules    Rules        I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2012 11:42 pm

Okay, some rules, to make this mad house a bit more organized:

Things work just like TDA (where most of you guys come from).

--You may snag any un-snagged request. (It will have an [open] status.)

--Please CLAIM before you start working on the graphic, that way no one else starts working on it too! To claim, just post "I've got this", etc, to indicate that you're going to begin work on the graphic at hand. If two artists claim at the same time (seconds/minutes apart, before the other's claim shows), then the request will go to the person whose post got in sooner. It's only fair.

--You may only claim one request at a time. You can do as many you like, but only claim one at a time. When you finish that one and post the graphic, then go grab another.

--Do not claim unless you're going to complete the graphic in a timely manner (let's say, three days). If you need longer, just post and let me know. If you realize halfway through that you're not going to be able to pull something off, post and say so. I won't bite, I just like efficiency.

--PLAY FAIR. Don't whine because you didn't get to do a graphic you wanted, and don't try to talk the artist that snagged it out of completing the graphic. I know none of you are capable of such behavior, but it needs to be stated for good measure.

That's all for now. Have fun, guys. You're on my team because I trust you and I love your work. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

For convenience's sake, I'll be using TDA's request form (though a bit modified), so you guys will be working with what you're used to.

[b]Story Title:[/b]

[b]Characters on Banner:[/b]

[b]Other Images You Would Like:[/b]

[b]Quotes to use on Banner:[/b]

[b]Color Preferences:[/b]

[b]Mood of Your Story:[/b]

[b]Animation? If so, how?[/b]

[b]Additional Information (size of graphic, etc):[/b]
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